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Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay
Raynham Hall Museum, Oyster Bay
Earle-Wightman House, Oyster Bay
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Sagamore Hill
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In 1738 Samuel Townsend, a properous merchant acquired the property and built a four-room house. By 1740 the house was expanded to a eight room saltbox style house. During the Revolutionary War Townsend sympathized with the Patriots and as an elected member of the NY Provincial Congress voted to ratify the Declaration of Independence. After the defeat of the 1776 Battle of Long Island the British Army occupied the house until the end of the war. It was briefly used as the British headquarters. In 1778 Townsend was recruited to become an agent in the Culper Spy Ring.
The house was originally built on South Street c1720 as a one room dwelling. Over the course of 150 years the house grew to its current size. In the early 19th centruy the occupants of the house were Baptist ministers, the Reverend Marmaduke Earle, then the Reverent Charles S. Wightman, whom the house is named after. The house has been moved to its current location on Summit Street. An 18th century garden was establish by the North Country Garden Club to historically represent how a garden of that time period. The house is owned by the Town of Oyster Bay and is operated by the Oyster Bay Historical Society.
Sagamore Hill was home to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. From 1902 until 1908 It was considered the "Summer Whitehouse". The 22 room Queen Anne style house was completed in 1886. In 1962 the National Park Service established it as a National Historic Site. Since the spring 2012, the house had been closed to complete a $6.2 million rehabilitation.The house is now open. You can reserve a tour online. Visit the grounds and the Theodore Roosevelt Museum at Old Orchard..
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