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Annie Cooper Boyd House
Custom House
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Suffolk County - South Shore - Sag Harbor
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Custom House
Annie Cooper Boyd House
Sag Harbor became a United States port of entry in 1789, with a growing population involved in servicing whalers, coasters and West Indian trade ships. The Custom House was owned by Sag Harbor’s first United States Custom Master, Henry Packer Dering. The house displays room settings of a formal dinner, an office, kitchen, pantry, office and laundry.
Annie Cooper Boyd grew up on Sag Harbor. This house given to her by her father, was her marital summer home. Boyd, created the charming Victorian bungalow from a typical colonial house where only two families-descendants of Southampton's founding Fosters and Coopers-had previously lived. Among its many charms are the interior walls that  Annie painted with scenes of all the things she loved about Sag Harbor. The whaleboat shop on the property honors Annie's father and grandfather, who built whaleboats.
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