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Hawkins House, Yaphank
Booth Kinney House, Yaphank
Fitz-Greene Hallock Homestead
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Fitz Greene Hallockville Homestead
Hawkins House
Booth Kinney House
Mary Louise Booth, prominent writer and founding editor of Harper’s Bazaar was born in this story and a half house c. 1829. Restoration is continuing on this Suffolk County owned house. In the near future the house will be restored and become a museum which will include period furnishings and exhibit the life and career of Ms. Booth.
Fitz-Greene Hallock was built in 1888 and was named "The Maples." In 1995 it was donated to the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society by one of the last surviving family member, Katherine Kenneth, complete with all original furnishings. In the yard is a croquet court which can be rented out for special events. Also on the property is the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society Museum, which showcases a large collection of vintage photographs and other historical items.
The Hawkins House was built in 1850 by a successful businessman, Robert Hewlett Hawkins. This Victorian country house was built with pegged constructed. Over the years the house fell into neglect, condemned and was slated for demolition. Suffolk County and the Yaphank Historical Society saved the structure and restoration was complete by 2004. The Hawkins House is on the Register of Historic Places. Visitors are welcome Sundays, July - August, 1 - 4 pm.
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