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Hempstead House, Port Washington
Falaise, Port Washington
Coe Hall, Oyster Bay
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Long Island’s Gold Coast Mansions

Coe Hall, Planting Fields
Sands Point
Falaise Mansion
Falaise c 1923 was built by Captain Harry Guggenheim and his wife, Caroline Morton. It’s architecture is French Ecletic and is based on a 13-century Norman style house. This mansion includes a cobblestone courtyard, steep pitched roofs, thick mortared brick walls and wood beams and a round tower. The house is furnished with 16th and 17th century antiques, wood carvings, sculptures and some modern art pieces. In 1923 Harry Guggenheim married Alicia Patterson. Together they founded Newsday, Long Island’s newspaper. The mansion reflects the opulent lifestyle of the prominent families who built these large houses during this period.
Coe Hall, built between 1918 - 1921, is a 65 room Tudor Revial mansion designed by architects, Walker & Gillette. The interior is that of the Elizabethan style. It was the home to William Robertson Coe, insurance magnate and his wife Mary Rogers Coe. The surrounding grounds, Planting Fields Arboretum, was landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers and comprise of 409 acres of formal gardens, woodland paths, greenhouses and extensive plant collections. In 1949 Mr. Coe sold the property to New York State so it would be preserved for the public to enjoy its beauty.
Sands Point Preserve includes 216 acres on the North Shore of Long Island. Situated on the preserve are two mansions, Hempstead House and Falaise. The first, Hempstead House originally built for Howard Gould, railroad heir, became the home to Daniel and Florence Guggenheim in 1917. Inside this Gold Coast mansion one will see the magnificient vaulted ceilings, walnut paneled library, stained glass windows and oak organ. The house once included an aviary, the sunken Palm Court was once filled with rare orchids and a gold leaf ceiling in the billard room. Currently the house is not furnished, but its architecture reflects the extravagent life style of the 1920’s.
127 Middleneck Road
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Planting Fields Historic Arboretum Historic State Park
1935 Planting Fields Road
Oyster Bay, 631-516-922-9200
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127 Middleneck Road
Sands Point, 516-571-7900