Huntington Harbor Lighthouse map
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Known as the "bell tower" the Cold Spring Harbor lighthouse was built in 1890 and was situated at the entrance to Cold Spring Harbor. It has since been moved inlaid onto land on private property.
Huntingon Harbor was a favorite route for ships travelling in the early 1800’s. But the adjoining Lloyd Harbor’s dangerous sand spit at its entrance made it hard for ships to navigate into this afe harbor. The Lloyd Neck lighhouse was completed in 1857 at the end of the sand pit. A newer lighthouse built in the early 1900’s replaced it. The architectural style has been considered Beaux Arts The old station was kept as a shore keeper’s station. Over time, neglect and vandalism affected the lighthouse and it was slated to be demolished. It was saved by the non-profit group "Save Huntington’s Lighthouse and in 1989 it was placed on the National Register on Historic Places. In 2003 the group changed it’s name to the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society. This group conducts tours of this lighthouse and is the only offshore lighthouse open to the public.
Cold Spring Harbor Lighthouse, Cold Spring Harbor
Eaton’s Neck Lighthouse, Eaton’s Neck
Lloyd’s Neck, Huntington
Huntington Harbor, Huntington
Built in 1799 this 73 foot lighthouse was the second one built on Long Island Sound. The surrounding area is rocky and deemed dangerous for ships. It is the scene for the most shipwrecks than any other location on the North Shore of Long Island. It is on US Coast Guard property and typically closed to the publlic.